Fabian Parzefall Fabian Parzefall Coder. Aikidoka. Surfer. Violinist.

Currently living in Irvine, CA I study computer science at University of California, Irvine.

During my undegraduate studies in Munich I was working for DocuWare, developing an enterprise content management system as a cloud service targeted at small and medium sized companies. After obtaining my bachelor's degree I relocated to Irvine in Summer 2018 in order to enroll in a PhD program.

I started practicing Aikido in 2014 and since 2016 I am also co-trainer for children and from time to time I also take Kenjutsu classes. Training Aikido induced a fascination with the Asian culture as a result of which I started learning Japanese and a little bit of Mandarin.

Contact me via email or checkout my GitHub.